This was far, far more exciting than UConn v. Butler: this past Friday, the Baja-style meat tacos of Mexicali Taco Company bested the seafood tacos of Mariscos Jalisco in LA Taco's NCAA-March Madness style Taco Madness 2011 and was crowned king of LA taco-dom. At times, the spread was less than a dozen votes, and the two swapped the lead position more times than Butler sank two-point field goals (three). In the end, there were just enough lovers of Mexicali's vampiros, cachetadas, and grilled meats to put the downtown stand on top.

With its win, Mexicali snags the title of “LA's favorite taco” and succeeds prior Taco Madness kings Yuca's and La Estrella to the throne. This quite the crowning achievement for a stand that first fired up its grill in an empty parking lot under the downtown skyline less than two years ago.

“We're extremely thankful for all our followers and their patience and company each and every night we are out there. The biggest pay to us is a smile on their faces after they leave our stand satisfied,” Esdras Ochoa, one half of the Mexicali team, told us after the virtual crowning. To fete their win, they're throwing a “celebration event”, which will include a “special treat”, on Saturday, May 14 at 6 p.m. in said parking lot on 1st and Beaudry. Vampiro, anyone?

LA Weekly