Today, we are going to take you to a dark corner of the internet. No, it's not Indian Pole Gymnastics nor Pedal Pumping, instead we are journeying to the bizarre, fart-filled world of the hand trumpet. Now, the hand trumpet has been around ever since hands were invented 6,000 years ago, but no one can make their hands generate glorious fart-tones with the accuracy and veracity of Israeli “musician” Kundara. The hand trumpet (not to be confused with Butt Trumpet) makes sound, according to Kundara, when you “blow air through your fingers and farts come out.”

So are you looking for some hand fart trumpet funk or ripping hand fart trumpet metal? Kundara's got a hand* on it. Maybe some symphonic hand flatulence is up your alley*? Kundara's got that handled*! Unfortunately, Kundara has seemed to hung up his hand trumpet as of late, but in honor of his handiwork*, let's give him a hand*.

From Daft Punk to Metallica to Beethhoven, we share our favorite hand fart trumpet jams after the jump.

Which one is your favorite? What songs do you think deserve some hand fart trumpet treatment? Let us know in the comments!

The Flight of the Bumble Bee

Metallica (Kundara gets a little pensive before joining in on this one)

Daft Punk (Fuuuunkay!)


Beethoven 5th Symphony (he gets really passionate around 1 minute in)

Build your own hand fart trumpet! For Free!

*Sorry about the puns. I think my dad started blogging there for a second.

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