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Today there is amplitude of cases related to mental health. Not only women, but men also fall trap in this existing problem. But what has caused this problem to take such a surge in recent years. Well, a gamut of issues contribute to the current mental health problems which are arising worldwide. Starting from peer pressure, finances, and even employment, there are many such situations that give rise to friction in the mental well-being of a person.

With suicide rates and depression growing leaps and bounds in today’s world, Christopher Senekki has presented a new perception of the underlying causes of mental health problems. He has shifted the spotlight towards self-perception as one of the key solutions for alleviating mental health problems.

For over a decade now, it is such progressive ideas that have been brought to the forefront by Christopher Senekki, which attempt to providing a new direction in prevention in men’s mental health. His own experiences, have driven him to raise awareness about the issue in a broader sense and by doing so, amplify the responsibilities which employers, brands, media and influencers have in this regard.

How Christopher Senekki Became The One and Only Torch Bearer in the Prevention Field?

Christopher Senekki is one of the major forces consistently publishing works on prevention in a bid to raise awareness. But it was not always the case. There was a time when Christopher Senekki used to struggle with his own self-identity and self-worth. Yes, and this time was over 20 years ago.

Although life has changed for the better for him, it took him a whole deal of time to set things straight. His research about the climbing suicide rates in men made him more focused on creating more awareness in this field.

His research also led him to a shocking discovery. He found out that there were limited testimonials that discussed prevention in mental problems in men on a larger scale. This itself made him even more adamant about pursuing the goal.

How Did His Transformative Journey start To Influence the Lives of Others?

After his discovery about the mental problems in men, Christopher Senekki snow balled his emotions into spreading awareness about the cause. He began openly speaking about the issues that men face in general and why this needs to be dodged.

Irrespective of whether it was in miscellaneous events or any other gathering, Christopher Senekki had only one thought in mind, i.e., to propagate the positive message about prevention in mental health in Men. Gradually the numbers increased, and today he is known as one of the faces in prevention of Mental Health and mindset progression in males.

How His Teachings Have Become The Turning Point for Others?

Christopher was always clear about breaking the wall between the perceptions of the society towards the alpha male. He thinks that all these hostile perspective about men, in general, started in the late 1980s throughout the 1990s, where men were presented as stone wall character, indestructible.

Christopher has also emphasized that these false stereotypes led to modern males’ caricaturish presentation, which many people couldn’t achieve. This led to a spike in depression, diminished self worth and social anxiety.  Gentleman’s fashion and luxury men’s brands had a role to play in creating the right image of men, which in turn would at least tackle one of the facets of men’s mental health, self-perception.  Christopher describes Tom Ford had rediscovered the Gentleman’s perception after launching his brand in 2006.  Followed by Dolce & Gabanna shortly after.  Whilst, there are of course countless men’s brands, these two labels mattered because of the reach and exposure they had in the market at the time.

There have certain changes in modern men’s fashion that transcend both physical and metaphysical. This has also led many men to follow the classic dapper style of sporting a suit and redefining fashion in many ways.

How is Prevention Zone Helpful in Bringing a Change?

Christopher Senekki describes the prevention Zone as the frame of mind where all individuals, including men, feel self-aware and confident. He further adds that in the “Prevention Zone,” men can find endless possibilities to improve one’s shortcomings.

Being out of the prevention zone means the individual has exposure to mental health problems and neurological disorders like substance abuse. Many prevention tools help people to measure mental health problems at ease.

What Are The Other Things To Focus on When Discussing Mental Health?

One of the prime reasons mental health is rising is people not talking openly about it. This leads men to fall into the trap of the alpha male stereotypes easily, which builds pressure and leads to depression. However, this can be changed easily through the below-mentioned points.

Working Environment:

Today many people have corporate jobs. Working in these types of big companies allows people to utilize their full potential efficiently. But sometimes, this very environment becomes a reason for frustration also.

Therefore, according to Christopher Sennekki, one of how this whole problem can be mitigated is by propelling the healthy relationship between employer and employee.

A work environment where people are showered with praises for their efforts makes it rewarding for both the boss and the worker. On the contrary, poor work relationships might lead to mental fatigue. Thus people should always encourage healthy work relationships and promote positivity in the work environment.

Use of Social Media:

Social Media is an indispensable part of people’s lives. Senekki believes that every person can connect with like-minded people through social media. This will help you to unleash your inner thoughts and gain motivation to forge ahead in life.

Social media today opens up many avenues where people can easily enjoy and connect to a wider audience. It is thus a positive approach and a healthy contributor to men with mental issues.

Gentleman Etiquette:

Christopher Senekki thinks the whole idea of following the gentleman’s behaviour is lame. He even points out that men’s mental health issues usually stem out because of the predisposed notions society has for them.

Thus, to ensure that modern men are aloof of this concept, he says that men can instead lay focus on behaviour, value, and ethics. If these are worked upon and developed, then no one will ever fall trap in the false predicaments and standards already existing in the society.


Christopher Senekki has worked diligently towards the notion of uplifting hoaxes regarding men. He is all set to dispose of the mentality that causes derailment and sets pedestals that men fail to achieve. With his constant efforts, he is sure that men will be urged to see the brighter side and focus more on their inner comfort zone, which is necessary.

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