Call it an act of redemption, but today Malibu Judge Lawrence Mira agreed to expunge actor Mel Gibson's 2006 drunk-driving record. On July 28 of that year Gibson was pulled over for speeding on Pacific Coast Highway by LASD deputy James Mee. The Braveheart star's blood-alcohol level was a robust .12 and he had an opened bottle of tequila next to him on the seat of his new Lexus. When placed under arrest, Gibson became a one-man Nuremberg rally, reportedly spewing such anti-Semitic observations as, “Fucking Jews . . . Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” As luck would have it, sheriff's deputy Mee was Jewish.

Gibson, tried as an adult, pleaded no contest to one count of drunk driving; he received probation, a fine, alcohol classes and the usual schedule of apology meetings and remorseful TV interviews.

According to the L.A. Times, “As a first-time drunk-driving offender, Gibson was eligible to have the conviction removed from his record after completing the terms of his probation.” City News Service reports this means “Gibson could face enhanced charges should he ever be arrested for DUI again.”

LA Weekly