Mel Gibson's rants have targeted a Jewish cop, an A-list screenwriter, and an ex-girlfriend. But a 78-year-old mum?

His own step-mother, Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson, is asking a judge for a restraining order against Mel Gibson because, she claims, he has a history of verbal rage that has her scared. He also allegedly threatened to kill ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, she alleged.

Of course, it's a little more complicated than that, as the L.A. Superior Court request, obtained by the Weekly, seems to spell out:

Said step-mother has been kicked out of a house (at 30130 Mulholland Highway in Agoura) owned by the actor and once called a happy home by her and his dad, 93-year-old Hutton Gibson. Hutton filed for divorce after 11 years in June, according to her court request.

Hicks Gibson said it was part of a long-standing effort by Mel go get her out of their life and manipulate his father, particularly when it comes to his medical treatment, according to the restraining-order request filed today (see embedded copy below).

She says he blew up on multiple occasions, “terrorizing me,” according to the filing:

-In 2011, when she suggested alternate treatments for Hutton, Gibson allegedly yelled at her, saying, “Fuck this and fuck that” and said she “should not fuck with his treatments in any way.”

I do recall that Mel threatened me and screamed at me …

-In another instance, at a clinic where dad was being treated, Mel allegedly “began yelling at me in a very loud and terrifying voice,” Hicks Gibson said:

… I flinched out of fear based on the way that he was yelling at me … that he was about to strike me.

-On another occasion, in March, Hicks Gibson claims, Gibson threatened during mealtime that if she did not eat “he would have me put outside.”

-In May, during a family meeting, Gibson allegedly started “acting like a wild man,” according to the filing:

At one point, Mel rushed towards the table I was sitting at … and got inches within my face … I could feel his spit hitting my face … His eyes looked as if they were bulging out of his head.

Next page: See a copy of the restraining order request, plus more on the allegation that Gibson threatened to off his ex-girlfriend.

DV-100 Conformed Copy

-Hicks Gibson even says the Mel once revealed alleged plans to “get rid of Oksana [Grigorieva],” his ex-girlfriend.

The step-mother now lives in Texas but, as part of the filing, wants to be allowed back into the local home with Hutton.

Although no physical violence is alleged in the restraining order request, it says that …

… Mel has sunken to new lows over the last year by committing several acts of domestic violence against his 78-year-old stepmother.

No word from Gibson's camp.

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