Oct. 27-28, 2007: Michelle Yuenshan Lee, 21, is found passed out and convulsing at the Monster Massive megarave at the publicly owned L.A. Sports Arena. A witness says it takes more than an hour to get proper medical help. Lee later dies and the coroner places most of the blame on Ecstasy overdose.Dec. 31, 2009-Jan. 1, 2010: The Centers for Disease Control reports that a raver died from overdosing on Ecstasy, cocaine and heroin after Together as One at the Sports Arena. The party sent 18 people to hospitals, mostly Ecstasy ODs. One young man suffers internal injuries from E and is hospitalized 28 days.May 29-30, 2010: Two men die from Ecstasy ODs after attending a rave at the state-run Cow Palace outside San Francisco.June 25-26, 2010: Sasha Rodriguez, 15, dies of an Ecstasy OD after attending the Electric Daisy Carnival megarave at the L.A. Coliseum. The event sees 200 medical emergencies. Oct. 23-24, 2010: Monster Massive at the L.A. Sports Arena sees about 40 drug-related arrests, 37 medical emergencies and 16 transports to hospitals, mostly for Ecstasy ODs or related issues.Oct. 29-30, 2010: Despite new “harm reduction” measures at the publicly owned Cow Palace, 17 people require medical attention for Ecstasy ODs or related issues at the Spookfest megarave. Bay Area authorities ban raves at the Cow Palace.Nov. 1, 2010: Jackson Roddy, 18, a USC student who attended the rave-like Hard Haunted Mansion at the Shrine Auditorium, falls six stories from a campus building after reportedly taking Ecstasy. He survives with severe injuries.Dec. 1, 2010: The Coliseum Commission affirms its earlier vote to allow 18-and-up raves at the publicly owned Coliseum and Sports Arena, but orders Electric Daisy to be pre-approved. The event's private promoter begins advertising Electric Daisy 2011: June 24-25 in L.A.Dec. 4-5, 2010: Los Angeles Center Studios pulls the plug on the Winterfresh rave, forcing promoters to spread the huge event over two days at three venues in San Bernardino. Dec. 22, 2010: San Francisco Assemblywoman Fiona Ma introduces the Anti-Raves Act of 2011, to ban the parties on public property. Her bill also requires the safer, better-managed private parties to be licensed.Dec. 31, 2010: LAPD assigns 450 officers to the Together as One megarave at the L.A. Sports Arena. As many as 45,000 people are expected.

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