We love it when the teacher becomes the student or, in this case, the would-be robber becomes the bitch (allegedly).

In this case 21-year-old Michael Alexander Diaz and his 22-year-old girl Megan Miko Wachi are accused of setting up a money-for-sex rendezvous in Cypress earlier this month. But when Wachi and Diaz showed up to the business of the victim, Diaz allegedly pulled out a BB gun and tried to rob the would-be john.

The victim, however, had a real gun, and opened fire …

… eventually sending Diaz (said bitch) to a hospital. (He survived).

Don't bring a knife (or a toy) to a gun fight, right?

Cops caught up with the pair that night and the two were eventually charged with suspicion of conspiracy to commit armed robbery and attempted robbery.

The lovely Wachi (no, we really mean that — she might end up in our Top 10 Hot Chicks In The News 2010 countdown) was due in court for a pretrial hearing today.

So what's the lesson here, pimps, prostitutes and suitcase pimps? Don't try to rob people, because you never know who's on the other side of that door.

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