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Arnold Schwarzenegger: plagiarism victim

Jerry Brown's campaign has posted a new TV spot (after the jump) that shows how much of Meg Whitman's rhetoric has been ripped off from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

No word on how much money is behind the ad, but at a minute long, it seems unlikely to see very much airtime. *Update: Brown camp says the ad is airing statewide…

The Brown campaign is obviously trying to tie Whitman to the deeply unpopular Schwarzenegger, but the underlying point is that Whitman is scripted and fake, compared to the authentic and unscriptable Brown.

As if to prove just how incapable Brown is of sticking to talking points, New York Magazine has a profile out that includes a rambling and creatively punctuated monologue from the former governor.

First, the ad from Brown:

And now Brown venturing way off script:

It's a very productive state–and new things! Medical advances, iPhones. Different, um, stuff. It's the software–so! Biotech, it's here. Are there problems? Yes, there are problems. But are there problems in America, are there problems in Afghanistan, are there problems everywhere? There are problems. And maybe there are problems in China; we just haven't seen them yet.

So! [Slam!]

Difficult to deal with. Not as easy as it was when you're tearing down orange trees and lemon groves and putting up savings-and-loans associations [slam!] and schools [slam!] and moderately priced houses [slam!]. That's true. When you just push into the virgin land, it's like the settling of the West [slam!], it just continued [slam!]. That's not quite the way it is now. It's a more tight system [slam!]. We're caught in [slam!] 38 million people with [slam!] 30 million vehicles, with so much [slam!] pollutants spewing out, with so much oil coming in to feed it and a housing boom and there we are … We're riding this wave. But we're not in charge of the wave, and even Obama is not in charge of the wave, and even the Federal Reserve, Bernanke. Does he know what he–he studied the Depression! We have Krugman, says more stimulus, and we have Republicans, say, no, austerity is the path [slam!], just tuck it, suck it in, and go forward.

Pick your poison, California.

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