Ted Soqui
Meg Whitman

The SEIU-backed group Cambiando California has already produced a TV ad, set to air this weekend on Spanish-language stations, attacking Meg Whitman for employing an illegal immigrant.

The ad, titled “9 Años,” states that “Whitman attacks undocumented workers to win votes, but an undocumented woman worked in her home for nine years.”

The ad, after the jump, also accuses Whitman of saying one thing in Spanish and another in English, a charge that John & Ken could get behind.

In her press conference today, Whitman said that Jerry Brown's campaign is “in trouble” because “they took Latinos for granted.”

“We have included Latinos in our campaign,” she said. “We have done Spanish language media. Our website is translated into Spanish. I have been to Spanish communities — Latino communities — throughout the state and I have worked very hard to win the vote of Latinos.”

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