Meet Trailer Park: The Production Company Shooting Music Videos for Free


Establishing yourself as a renowned artist in the music industry has become one of the greatest challenges, especially for newbies. In the highly competitive industry, new talents without sufficient funds to make video productions have always found it challenging to rise to fame. Trailer Park is a production company that has stepped in to help artists reach their dreams. The company shoots all the upcoming artists’ music videos for free.

The Trailer Park team believes many hidden talents in the music arena haven’t been exposed to the limelight because of a lack of finances for a music video shoot. Music videos can significantly influence an artist’s fan base, growing their following. The videos catalyze attention and more downloads, which can quickly propel an artist to fame.


Adrian Verdult, Trailer Park founder, says his goal is to find artists yet to be known out there and create a platform for them to get recognized. He believes in empowering new talents to reach their dreams, which he gladly does for free. The company’s team aims to create an unmatched video shoot for every artist, which will influence anyone watching the masterpiece from the first view.

Music videos need strong creative visuals to captivate the audience, which is what upcoming artists lack. Trailer Park is committed to ensuring these artists have a competitive edge in the industry. One of the most notable highlights of Trailer Park is helping artist Zzz rise from an unknown artist to become a well-established artist in the music scene. The team worked on Zzz’s first music video, “Another Day”, which elevated his fame in the music charts. He also got signed to a Grade A 2 weeks after his music was out, prompting Trailer Park to continue supporting new talent in the music industry.

Trailer Park sponsors their music video shoots through clothes sales, particularly T-shirts. The returns from the branded T-shirts fund the rising artist, and the company stops at nothing to ensure the artist has made a mark out there. However, the company’s team shared that the biggest hurdle they have dealt with is getting people to believe in them. To many artists, producing music videos for free sounds unrealistic, and they fear they might incur expenses later.

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For up-and-coming artists, Trailer Park emphasizes that the journey to excellence is challenging, especially in the fast-paced industry. You have to keep striving and pushing to see your dreams come true. Most artists get discouraged when their stuff doesn’t quickly make it to the top echelon. However, the production company also wants these artists to know that they will eventually attain their dreams even if their music doesn’t hit the airwaves straight away. Additionally, the Trailer Park team wants artists to know that good deeds don’t go unrewarded. The good you do will always come back to you.

Trailer Park is not about to slack in promoting rising talents. The company’s team envisions itself running the most prominent music platform that will put on upcoming artists in the limelight. They also look forward to seeing their branded clothing brand scale to the next level.

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