Meet Salman Aslam: The Entrepreneur Revolutionizing Healthcare Marketing Through Digital Strategies

Businesses in various industries have increasingly turned to digital marketing as their preferred tool. However, there are certain exceptions when it comes to the healthcare space as there are a different set of challenges because not only there are more regulations to deal with, the target consumer is also dynamic.

To promote a certain healthcare service, you must find people suffering from a health condition that requires that specific treatment. It’s clearly not for everyone as you should have a clear understanding of how to navigate the space. Salman Aslam is one such person who has the right strategies to help healthcare brands scale through digital marketing. Salman Aslam is a seasoned digital marketer and PR consultant with over a decade’s experience in digital marketing.

Salman Aslam discovered his passion for the digital world when he was studying at university. He started his career as a digital marketer in 2009. Since then, he has worked with businesses across industries. It was his profound knowledge and interest in medicine and healthcare practices that prompted him to focus his company on the healthcare industry. Today, he is leading digital marketing agency specializing in healthcare marketing as the managing director and the driving force behind Omnicore Healthcare Marketing.

Initially, Salman Aslam was building websites for businesses when he came to learn about SEO. He wanted to get more traffic to his websites, which is when he mastered the strategy of optimizing web pages to rank them higher on search engines. Salman started working as a freelance SEO specialist helping businesses scale. After developing an insight into this space, he launched the digital marketing agency, Omnicore with Hafiz Muhammad Ali.

Aslam’s knowledge of medicines and healthcare is the result of his years of research to find the cure for his health condition. At 14, Aslam was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. Since then, he has undergone various medical and healthcare practices in search of the right treatment. As a digital marketer by profession, it was not difficult for Aslam to deduce the challenges this industry was facing in the digital marketing space. There are several limitations to reaching the target audience, and only someone who is truly aware of the ins and outs of the healthcare system can help brands in this industry scale through digital marketing. To quote him, “I have been able to observe and understand this space in depth. This is why we changed the focus of Omnicore toward helping healthcare practices only.”

Despite his declining health conditions and the consistent change in the algorithms of the search engine,Aslam has managed to scale his company and helped several healthcare brands find recognition in the digital realm. “The challenges in work have been there being in the SEO space where Google’s algorithm updates change the nature of work every now and then.” He modified his strategies to adapt to the changing trends to make Omnicore a recognized digital marketing agency in the healthcare industry.

Aslam has “always been fascinated by technology” so his dreams are growing bigger with his company. He wants to see Omnicore Agency as a leader in the healthcare marketing space in the country. Leveraging his knowledge of the medicine and healthcare industry, Salman Aslam is looking forward to helping more healthcare practices.

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