Meet Palari: a Company That is Revolutionizing Construction and Helping Solve the Housing Crisis in America

With the pandemic panic slowly fading away, the housing market is desperately trying to rebuild, and failing to do so. Homelessness in America is on the rise and the housing crisis is rampant.

Homes aren’t being built quickly or efficiently enough for new communities to make a difference, and with concepts of sustainability and financial literacy at the forefront of so many business models, it’s no wonder that a variety of markets are flailing when it comes to keeping up with the shifting post-pandemic economy.

In the middle of the chaotic housing industry, where projects finish over budget and past schedule, Palari Group, a technology-driven developer of sustainable communities, is defying tradition and has found success, even through these uncertain times. This company has become one of the first to develop what they call the Tesla of houses, and is constructing the World’s first 3D-printed, net-zero housing community.

These new homes will operate as part of a 77-unit development in Desert Hot Springs, California , which is the first of several new communities that Palari Group and its partners are excited to develop. There are a number of ways in which Palari is revolutionizing the real estate and housing industries. Here are four ways in which homes built by Palari Group are changing the game for the development of sustainable communities and helping put an end to the housing crisis in the United States.

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  1. Sustainable materials and reducing carbon footprints.

These new homes are all 3D-printed in sections, using 60% recycled material which is 100% reusable. The manufacturer of these homes is utilizing a material, known as Light Stone, which is a concrete alternative with four times more flexible strength, 30% less weight, and produces less carbon dioxide, according to Palari Group. Using their patented automatic production process, the 1,750 square foot home only produces 1% of waste during the construction.

As a global community, humans have become increasingly aware of their carbon footprint and  the impact that they have on the environment. Palari builds sustainable homes that reduce a homeowner’s carbon footprint by shifting away from wood-based, high-carbon, wasteful products and practices. In addition, Palari plans to originate and sell carbon credits on the ICDX. Traditional construction produces almost two times more carbon dioxide than a Palari Home. These homes reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 40.2%

  1. 2X Faster Construction

Sustainability doesn’t exclusively revolve around the materials used. In Palari’s case, this also refers to their efficient use of labor. The company uses a kit system and practices offsite manufacturing, which cuts building times in half. This process is not only beneficial for the real estate market, but for home buyers as well. Buyers of Palari Group houses will be able to move into these homes faster than they would if they were relying on traditional building methods.

“If Tesla can build a car in under 60 seconds, why shouldn’t we be able to do the same thing with houses?” asks the team at Palari Group.

There is a massive shortage of skilled construction workers, which is only expected to continue over the next ten years. Approximately 80% of Palari’s production is automated in a factory controlled environment, which greatly increases speed and reduces waste compared to traditional construction projects.

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  1. 20% Cheaper

When homes can be built at a fraction of their budget, homeowners can expect to purchase these homes at a lower price. Palari focuses on utilizing their efficient labor speed and cutting-edge technology to provide homes that are 20% cheaper than those that use traditional construction methods.

Although the projects finish under a typical budget, Palari homes do not sacrifice their production value or the benefits that come with owning a modern, luxury home. Each unit in these communities will feature a swimming pool, pergola, hot tub and fire pit.

  1. Increased Durability and Product Life

The materials used in the construction of these revolutionary homes are not just eco-friendly, but also made to last longer than a traditional home. The homes are built without any wooden frames or bases, making them fireproof, termite free, and mold proof. These common ailments that plague modern homes are no longer an issue within a Palari built home. Their proprietary walls are also constructed with non-flammable material, making them ideal in extreme weather and natural disasters.

Palari Group has big plans for the future, gearing up to provide sustainability to the housing and real estate markets. The community in Desert Hot Springs is just the first of many on the horizon, with two others in production, located in La Quinta, California, and Rancho Mirage, California.

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