Meet Oliver Pott, A Leading Digital Founder Whose Interlocking Method Of Three Is Guiding Entrepreneurs To Greatness

Thanks to the magic of his 3F rule (Fun, Fame, and Fortune), Oliver Pott, a digital founder and business professor, knows exactly what it means to start and scale a business successfully. Having founded three multi-million euro companies, the leading entrepreneurial guru is now focusing on helping the next generation of business owners soar.

Screen Shot 2022 10 04 at 12.53.42 PMToday’s technological world is cultivating a new type of highly creative, resourceful, tech-savvy innovators. And from this, we are starting to see characteristics that are not typically in line with the rigid structure of standard workplaces. 

By identifying and encouraging these traits, we have an opportunity to breed a new generation of digital entrepreneurs. To this day, 83.1% of US business owners have started their small businesses from scratch. But even though creating a business is as easy as a click of a button, not everyone has the motivation, knowledge, or key tools to utilize our starting engines. 

Could this be why 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years? – well, think again.

Oliver Pott is one powerhouse individual who knows exactly how to avoid any negative growing business statistic. This is because Pott is one of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs in the German-speaking world. After falling in love with technology, Pott found himself filling his time writing numerous computer books while trying to balance his academic lifestyle at the Humboldt University of Berlin. 

It wasn’t long before the German prodigy left with a Ph.D. in neurochemistry and a burning desire to grow his technology business. “When you start building a business at 25, you will do it for the money. But when life passes, you realize it’s not just about fortune. It’s about fame and fun,” says Pott.

Today the technology founder and CEO of Pott Holding Corporation has worked with hundreds of US companies to bring their products to Europe by setting up subsidiaries or licensing them. 

Having founded three multi-million euro companies, co-owning the Bundesliga Soccer team SC Paderborn 07 and the soccer stadium itself, plus writing a best-selling book Sichtbar! (translated as Visible), it’s easy to see why hundreds of entrepreneurs and future business owners are paying attention.

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After two decades of managing his companies with branching international activities, the master in entrepreneurship and internet marketing is now turning to face a new venture in life. To teach the next generation of business owners how to scale up and grow successfully. 

You see, whenever the award-winning digital entrepreneur decides to pursue a new venture, he’ll follow his popularized 3F rule for business – one that can be used as a reasonable test frame for any private or non-profit activities.

The 3F rule breaks into three magic words: Fun, Fame, and Fortune. Situated in the center of three interlocking varying-sized circles is what Pott calls the “sweet spot” or what he considers “the perfect business.” But how do we get there?

For the first rule of Fun, Pott suggests that even though any new business starting should be born out of enduring motivation and enjoyment, it can also quickly become a hobby when we eliminate Fortune and mix Fun with the next element of Fame

Potts sees Fame as adding “a legacy, purpose, or international reputation” to the business. Companies, in general, are much better suited to attract Generation Z employees nowadays if they make it clear that they’re investing in the Fame of each team member. For example, Prada is making vast and long-term investments into the brand’s legacy and purpose with their powerful transformation marketing. 

When it comes to the final link, Fortune: Pott suggests you ask whether the business brings you money. Because if not, it won’t be worth your while. The ring of Fortune can only count if “the company is profitably set up and its re-invest proceeds can scale up,” says Pott. 

By working smart with quiet visibility in a noisy world (another of his famous teachings), the 3Fs technique is changing business lives. So much so that his book Visible, which explains these methods in great detail, is regularly found on the top 10 bestseller lists in SPIEGEL, Handelsblatt, Manager-Magazine, BILD, Amazon, and Thalia.

Over 500,000 customers and readers take in Pott’s work-smart techniques daily. So if you’re considering starting a digital business and wish to avoid being one of those failing statistics, head to the kickstart coaches website to learn how to utilize the 3Fs in your life here:

Or, to have the best-selling book at your side, visit this website to get a free chapter of the US edition of his book Visible, which will be available in all bookstores soon.

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