Drelli, the genre-bending artist hailing from Minneapolis, has made waves not only in the music scene but also in the world of fashion. Although Drelli prefers to label himself as a musician as opposed to a fashion designer, he has utilized creative expression throughout his career using homemade props, posters, and in this case handmade clothing. Drelli’s creative and humorous nature led him to craft his first clothing piece, a sweatshirt bearing the statement, “Your Boyfriend Steals Ideas.”  

What started as a humorous expression, soon gained traction, resonating with creatives who understood the underlying truth behind the jest. “I wore the first hoodie around LA for a month and people kept asking me where I got it and taking photos of it,” Drelli explained. “It was kind of a joke at first, but it’s given me the opportunity to get people excited about something that I created.”

In the realm of artistry, originality is paramount. Between Drelli’s innovative fashion sense and musical versatility, he understands this all too well, recognizing the risks artists have to take to carve out their unique identities. The truth of the matter is that, in the era of social media, having one’s original ideas plagiarized is all too common. “Creating for me feels like a casino,” Drelli began. “The more I risk the more I win or lose, either way I’ll come back for more.”

Drelli Photo 2 credit @kikilondonn


“Your Boyfriend Steals Ideas” encapsulates a poignant message disguised in humor. While serving as a funny fashion statement, it also sheds light on a prevalent issue in the creative industry: the theft of ideas and the lack of originality. Each hoodie, crafted by hand in Drelli’s home studio, bears witness to his commitment to quality and individuality.

Drelli’s uniqueness extends beyond his music.  It permeates every aspect of his persona. From his distinct style to his unconventional musical genre, Swag Bop, Drelli stands out in a landscape wrought with conformity and manufactured trends. His dedication to authenticity is evident in everything he produces, from his musical endeavors to his handcrafted hoodies.

At a time when artists often excel in multiple disciplines, Drelli’s foray into fashion has struck a chord with fellow creatives and clothing enthusiasts alike. With his finger on the pulse of both music and fashion, Drelli continues to defy conventions and inspire others to embrace their authenticity. Be on the lookout for more clothing drops from Your Boyfriend Steals Ideas as well as Drelli’s newest song “Little Old Me.” featuring Sughn, which will drop on May 29.

Drelli Photo 3 credit @drellli



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