Meet Bryan Sumardi; A former Marine Turned Real Estate Investor

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Real estate is currently one of the best investment options, with many entrepreneurs vying for their bite of the pie by investing in this promising market. Bryan Sumardi is among those who have invested in the industry, building a flourishing empire. Bryan Sumardi took the risk when the sector was still young. He introduces a different approach to real estate investment, leveraging the experience gained as a marine to grow his portfolio and help others. Here is his story.

Bryan Sumardi is a real estate investor and loan officer. He is also a veteran who has served six years in the United States Marine Corp Reserve, an experience he says greatly helped him find his way as an investor.

During his time in the marine, Bryan Sumardi developed leadership and physical training skills, which now set him apart. Bryan also learned the importance of marketing and growing his network.

To build a great portfolio and stand out in the highly competitive market, Bryan Sumardi applied a not-so-common approach. His perspective of the real estate space was somewhat different, and rather than exploit the book strategy, Bryan combined the experience gained as a marine and an entrepreneur. His resolve and unusual scheme made him unique and have enabled him to build a solid portfolio.

He is now helping others in the industry to find their way by sharing helpful tips. Bryan Sumardi shows real estate agents and loan officers how they can leverage social media to increase sales and the power of building relevant networks

He organizes networking events that bring together real estate agents and loan officers. These events are helping those in the industry to build a network of like-minded people and grow their brands.

Bryan says his goal is to help others in the industry take advantage of social media to grow their network and income in a world where social media is the new oil. As a real estate agent or mortgage officer, your network plays a major role in determining your success, and there are different ways you can build that network, says Bryan Sumardi.

You can either attend networking events or use social media. Bryan Sumardi shows others how to use these two to boost their sales and grow their portfolio.

He also uses his platforms to encourage young entrepreneurs and investors. Starting and scaling a business can be challenging. There are many inherent hindrances to achieving this; from lack of resources and procrastination to high competition and little or no experience, one begins to feel like reaching the top is impossible. However, there’s a message of hope- it’s achievable.

According to Bryan Sumardi, you must believe in yourself and your ideas and endeavor to work smart. However, you do not have to follow everything by the book; there are no hard fast templates. Instead, you can improvise; sometimes, your previous field can help you become an authority in your new path, just like Bryan.

As he continues to excel, Bryan Sumardi is helping others understand networking and how they can use social media to increase their sales. In addition, he is bringing digitization to the real estate and mortgage industries and assisting his clients in finding their forever homes.

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