Meet Angela Peterman: The Creative Behind High-Selling Brands

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Los Angeles-based director and content creator Angela Peterman is known for her passion and skill in creating high-selling imagery for female-targeted CPG brands.With over a decade of experience working with global names such as Sexy Hair, Alterna, Sephora, Ulta, and Marc Jacobs Beauty, Angela has established herself as a prominent creative.

In today’s digital world, visual content is critical for brands looking to make a splash in a crowded marketplace. Angela Peterman understands this better than anyone, and her content is a testament to her mastery of customization, technical expertise, and strategic methodology. By tailoring each piece of content to the unique personality of the brand, she creates higher-performing content that drives both social engagement and sales.

As a director, photographer, videographer, and more, Angela is a sought after one- stop creative for brands that want to resonate with their audiences across all social media platforms. Her versatility allows her to work with a wide range of brands, from established luxury labels to up-and-coming startups. Angela’s dedication to empowering women through her work is what truly sets her apart. As a female creative in a male-dominated industry, she knows firsthand the challenges that women face in pursuing their careers. Through her work, she seeks to elevate and celebrate the strength and beauty of women.

We asked Angela for a few tips when it comes to creating compelling visual content, and here is her response. “In today’s world of constant scrolling, striking visuals are incredibly important,” says Angela. “Investing in high-quality photography and videography can make a huge difference in the success of your brand. In addition to having beautiful content, you have to understand your brand’s unique voice and use it consistently across all platforms. This will build a relationship with your audience. Authentically using that tone along with brand colors and other signifying cues will create a strong identity that your followers will remember you for.”

If you’re looking to elevate your brand’s content and increase sales, Angela Peterman can help. Follow her on Instagram at @angela_peterman and see more of her work at

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