MedTech’s Battle Against STD Surge: Gather Labs Spearheads a Revolutionary Event

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Tucked away in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, lies Gather Labs—a vertically-integrated, same-day result, high-complexity CLIA laboratory known for its customer-first culture and concierge approach to medical testing. And it’s this lab that spearheaded a revolutionary event that’s setting the medical technology (MedTech) industry abuzz: “The Rise of STDs and MedTech’s Role in its Fall.”

Helmed by Gather Labs’ seasoned CEO, Rachael McCrary—an innovator in technology, fashion, and modern healthcare diagnostic solutions—the event was designed to amplify the dialogue around sexual wellness in the United States. With a keen focus on the surging rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the country, McCrary’s approach is a collective one, underscoring the need for unity in the face of a public health crisis. Gather Labs will announce this event’s schedule and venue soon.

“The time for isolated discussions is over,” McCrary asserts. “We need to bring together diverse voices and perspectives to create real solutions.” And it’s in line with this conviction that her event has been curated, encompassing an eclectic roster of public health officials, sexual wellness thought leaders, adult film stars, HealthTech visionaries, doctors, journalists, and more.

Special guest panelists like Ginger Banks, Joshua Gonzalez, Hannah Hutton, Rachael Kim, and Selena Mooney, each added a unique dynamic to the discourse, demonstrating that the issue of sexual health transcends professional boundaries. The conversation dove into the many facets of this complex issue, from public health policy changes to grassroots community outreach, from breakthroughs in HealthTech to increased access to contraception and enhanced testing protocols.

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What does Gather Labs bring to the table in this fight against STDs? Known for providing a variety of same-day test results—ranging from Flu A+B, Strep, Hepatitis, and hormonal analysis, to STIs, UTIs, and even COVID-19—the lab offers patients a private and comfortable environment for diagnostic consultation, administration, and results. With an educated staff to answer questions safely and easily, results are given within hours, not days, a testament to the company’s commitment to patient-centered care.

The urgency of the matter can’t be overstated. The United States has seen a startling rise in the spread of STDs and STIs since the onset of COVID-19. Preliminary data from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in 2022 reported a surge that included a 26% rise in new cases of syphilis, a level unseen since 1991. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The decline of proper condom use among adolescents and young adults, reduced testing throughout the pandemic, decreased funding for public health initiatives, and the continued stigma around STD testing all contribute to a ticking time bomb in public health.

Through “The Rise of STDs and MedTech’s Role in its Fall,” Gather Labs aims to spotlight the role that healthcare and wellness leaders can play in addressing these surging rates. With a clarion call for immediate action, McCrary believes we can challenge the stigma, create robust healthcare policies, and leverage MedTech advancements to curb the STD surge. “We’re more equipped than ever to tackle this issue,” McCrary affirms, “Now, it’s a matter of bringing these tools and voices together to enact real change.”

The battle against the STD surge is a multifaceted one, but the unity and resolve echoed by Gather Labs and its allies shows there’s hope on the horizon. The event is hopefully not the last, as there needs to be a safe forum in Los Angeles to tackle issues like these. It was poised to be a watershed moment, a revolutionary intersection of diverse perspectives and expertise rallying towards a common goal: a healthier, more informed, and sexually safe America, and we welcome more conversations to come.

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