Synthetic marijuana is just a wonder drug.

We previously told you about how it can allegedly cause psychosis, mental chaos and other dark trips.

Now research is suggesting it might also be correlated to heart attacks in teenage users.

What's not to like?

This stuff makes cocaine look like tofu.

Colin Kane, a pediatric cardiologist at Children's Medical Center in Dallas, is linking at least three teen heart attacks to this wonder drug.

The victims were all 16, and all went to hospitals for “chest pain.”

All three had smoked real marijuana and the synth kind, in this case the brand K2, within days of the events, the good doctor reported in research published in the December issue of the journal Pediatrics.

Cause and effect? It's not clear yet.

Dr. Anthony Scalzo, chief of toxicology at St. Louis University, tells HealthDay that the synth weed is associated with anxiety, a high heartbeat and increased blood pressure.

Whew. Best stuff since crack.

Luckily the DEA outlawed it, at least temporarily. (And lucky for us all-natural medical marijuana is about as plentiful in L.A. as latte).

But doctor Kane says the fake bud is “still easy to get.”



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