Good news, stoners:

A movement that would hogtie California employers who want to fire you for partaking of your medicine (while off-duty, of course) is a little closer to becoming law this week.

The State Senate Judiciary Committee just said yes to Sen. Mark Leno's bill that would prohibit your boss from firing you simply because you're a medical marijuana user. Leno, a San Francisco Democrat, sounded victorious:

When Californians approved the compassionate use of cannabis, they never intended for it to apply only to unemployed people. With unemployment at record-high rates, we should be doing everything we can to keep productive and responsible members of the workforce in their jobs.

Americans for Safe Access explains the origins of the bill:

SB 129 would reverse a 2008 California Supreme Court ruling in Ross v. RagingWire that granted employers the right to fire or refuse to hire workers with a physician's recommendation for medical marijuana …

Of course, it wouldn't apply to operators of heavy equipment, health care providers, school bus drivers, and clowns. (We kid about that last one).

And no, you can't smoke at work or even be high there and seek protection under this deal if it passes.

What we want to know is how slighted employees would prove it was their medical use that did them in when California employers can fire you for no reason at all.

LA Weekly