We never understood the drug stereotypes of the skinny cocaine user and the overweight stoner. Just take a look at John Belushi or Montel Williams.

New research suggests that, indeed, those old stereotypes might be wrong: Weed might actually help you fight obesity. That would explain all the skinny people who work at your local dispensary.

Here's what the folks at GW Pharmaceuticals in the U.K. are saying this week about weed and weight:


Researchers found that the marijuana-derived compounds THCV and cannabidiol could suppress the appetite, according to the U.K. Telegraph.

Spicoli.; Credit: 'Fast Times'

Spicoli.; Credit: 'Fast Times'

In fact, the company is testing out the theory on 200 patients to see if the weed derivatives can help them with “metabolic syndrome,” a combo of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity that can increase their risk of stroke.

The GW researchers found that the compounds already worked on reducing cholesterol in lab mice. In the age of diabetes, researchers are hopeful that this ancient bud could prove to be a modern magic pill.

But before you go on the kush diet, beware: Any idea that weed is good for weight loss is more speculation than science. And, to be clear, GW is a company that sells marijuana-derived drugs such as Sativex, so it has some stake in the success of this theory.

But … we like the idea. Fits with every bone-thin surfer we know. Their secret is out.

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