Medellín’s Newest Dental Practitioner: Dr. Andrés Arias’s Journey in Prosthodontics

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Amid the rapid advancement of medical science, one corner of healthcare has lagged in terms of patient experience: dentistry. For many, the mere mention of a visit to the dentist triggers an onset of stress and anxiety. Yet, a paradigm shift is emerging with the advent of new technologies and practices in the dental industry. Colombian prosthodontist Dr. Andrés Arias is one of the professionals at the forefront of these new changes.

Dr. Arias’s mother, also a dentist, was a significant influence on his career. The virtues of discipline and the pursuit of excellence she instilled in him shaped his approach to dentistry. Completing his dental graduation at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in 2014, he began accruing experience in prosthodontics, completing a diploma in aesthetics the same year. By 2018, he graduated as a specialist in prosthodontics, receiving an honorable mention for the best thesis project of the year.

In 2018, he opened his first clinic in Neiva. This multi-specialty center was equipped to provide consultations across various dental disciplines. His clinic provided dental services to clients both within and outside Colombia.

December 2021 marked a turning point in Dr. Arias’s career after he launched a second dental clinic in Neiva. This clinic allowed his practice to reach more clients throughout the city and country. But for Dr. Arias, this was just the beginning, as he had plans to expand his practice into Medellín in 2023.

Dr. Arias’s goal to combat the anxiety-ridden experiences associated with the field is grounded in his unique philosophy. “In life, every step that is taken must be earned and deserved through hard work,” he says. As a result, the Andrés Arias Rehabilitador Oral clinics aim to provide prosthodontic and aesthetic dentistry while fostering a relaxing, family-like atmosphere.

Eschewing the standard stark white, Dr. Arias’s clinics are all-black. The clinics’ calming music and soothing aromas shake off the stereotypical clinical smell. Specialist care, personal attention, and natural-looking veneers are also a hallmark of his clinics.

For Dr. Arias, the journey isn’t just about personal achievements. “Every patient who tells us that we have changed their life for the better is an achievement,” he shares. And with plans to expand his unique approach to dentistry to Medellín and beyond, it seems this journey is just beginning.

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