We were once dumb enough to ask about the Cleveland steamer, so “meat purse” just sounds to us like slang for something awful, but one budding designer is making the term a stylish reality. As an homage to Coco Chanel, Pasadena Art Center College of Design student Nancy Wu crafted an imitation of Chanel's famous 2.55 bag out of beef jerky. She even stamped the purse with a criss-cross pattern and included a chain handle interwoven with meat. It's not her only experiment with “meatcessorizing.” Her line of savory handbags also includes a beef jerky Louis Vuitton wallet with the company's logo spray-painted onto the meat.

Wu is such a trendsetter, she did all of this back in 2008, well before Lady Gaga's raw meat dress, but we're so fashion-backward, we're only getting wind of it now. How does it look with our bacon Keds and savory scarf?

LA Weekly