Strange times when pot shops that want to be fully legitimized in the city of L.A. don't want to be taxed.

But so be it. The biggest spokesman for L.A.'s medical marijuana dispensaries, Don Duncan, says no to City Hall's proposed Measure M, which is on today's ballot.

It would allow the city to take a 5 percent cut of sales on this particular drug — kind of like the local gang getting its taxes on street sales.

Of course, there are some big problems with Measure M, and opposition from medical marijuana forces might be the least of them.

Many legal experts, including L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, say it wouldn't even be legal to tax weed since all transactions at dispensaries are supposed to be purely nonprofit.

In any case, here's what Duncan says:

We understand that the city is under a lot of economic stress. But, it doesn't make sense to charge our most vulnerable people more money for their treatment. Many patients have already been excluded due to the high price of medical marijuana, let's not exclude even more.

In other words, prices are, er, too high as they are.

(Strangely, Duncan is the guy who goes to City Hall to curry favor. You'd think he'd support this just to say thanks to a City Council that has fumbled and bumbled its marijuana ordinance to the great advantage of the dispensaries).

Anyway, let us know how you vote. We'll take a wild guess and say this ain't gonna pass. But, heck, surprise us. We like that.

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