If you noticed an unusual concentration of round spectacle frames and Comme des Garçons blazers downtown last week, you probably ran into people in town for the Dwell on Design confab at the Convention Center, which is sort of like Comicon for people who are really, really into chairs. And if you had wandered over to the Geffen Contemporary on Sunday night, you might have seen DoD’s Mobile Restaurant Row, almost a convention within a convention, which featured practically every non-taco food truck you’d ever heard of (except Kogi), and probably a few that you hadn’t — enough to keep your Twitter account busy for weeks. Reportedly, even the Fish Lips Sushi truck (www.fishlips-sushi.com), barely into its first week, circled the area, hoping to snag a rogue spot.

Barbie’s Q (www.barbiesq.com), owned by a former mayor of Hermosa Beach, sold passable spareribs and pulled-pork sandwiches from a truck staffed by a pair of Daisy Mae look-alikes, and Let’s Be Frank (www.letsbefrankdogs.com) had the superb organic, sustainably raised hot dogs, spicy dogs and bratwurst for which the truck is known. (Don’t miss the fiery, Parsi-inspired diablo sauce.) The ice cream sandwiches at Coolhaus (www.eatcoolhaus.com), stylish cookie-encased things loosely named after architects — Richard Meyer Lemon, Frank Behry — included a really good, grapey sorbet made from bittersweet Lambrusco wine. Sprinkles (www.sprinkles.com) housed its red-velvet cupcakes in a chic truck that looked as if it could double as a jewelry showroom, and Icycle (www.localiyours.com) pedaled up in its mobile version of the Locali store, whose cooler was filled with Carmela ice cream sandwiches and the exquisite lime-mint mojito popsicles.

And the biodiesel-powered Green Truck (www.greentruckonthego.com), which started the whole neotruck thing? Let’s just say that three days later, I’m still waiting for my free-range Mediterranean chicken wrap.

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