Brand new MBW stuff up in remembrance of the 40th anniversary of MLK's assassination.* Strong thanks to the artist for marking the day. And of course to the memory of Martin Luther King himself.

These are in Echo Park on Sunset, but I'm guessing they are all over the place.

All photos by Mark Mauer – lurker (@)

NOTE: These photos were completely painted over at some point Saturday, the day after the photos were taken. More here.

And here are a couple more huge ones by MBW, on LaBrea.

All photos by Mark Mauer

“I had not been involved in the issue. I had come from being in the military to running for Congress in a state that did not have a very large African American population and it had not been in issue. It just simply had not been.”

-Presidential candidate John McCain explaining why he voted against MLK Day.

More here.

* NOTE: Due in part to the political speeches John McCain was making on April 4th to explain his position on voting against MLK Day, I mistakenly – ridiculously – posted earlier that April 4th was Martin Luther King Day. Of course, it is not. My apologies.

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