Everybody who's following the L.A. mayor's race has been eagerly awaiting the gonzo TV spots in support of ex-radio host Kevin James.

Well, wait no more.
Fred Davis, the guy behind the Demon Sheep ad, has produced a 4-minute web video that portrays the top three contenders as foxes guarding the henhouse at City Hall.
This one's kind of a must-see, and it's after the jump.

Most of the unflattering images of Wendy Greuel, Eric Garcetti and Jan Perry come from a recent debate at the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association.
“These three do what the union bosses and other special interests tell them to do, the same special interests that give them the millions that keep getting them elected,” says the narrator, in ominous tones. “Kevin James is the only outsider, the only way our city will change, the only candidate not beholden to the union bosses.”

Kevin James is essentially out of money, so it looks like his entire candidacy is riding on the efforts of the Better Way L.A. committee, which Davis controls. Davis has at least $700,000 to play with, thanks to right-wing billionaire Harold Simmons
So far, there's no pared down version for TV, but that seems sure to follow.

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