The office of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Thursday was expected to release more records regarding controversial event-outings he made with donated tickets that had not been reported as gifts.

Deputy Mayor Matt Szabo told Fox 11 News' John Schwada overnight that “hundreds of documents” would be released; they would cover the official duties performed at more than 80 events that could justify (or not) his taking of the tickets and failing to report them as gifts, according to the station.

On Thursday LA Weekly reports that the mayor's argument — his refusal to report values and sources for the tix is justified by his official duties at events — is an unusual if not unprecedented tact among city leaders.

Normally Villaraigosa would have to report to the public the value and source of gifts worth more than $50. Some of the tickets in question are worth four-figures, and in total all of Villaraigosa's donated tix could have a face value of more than $50,000, according to the Weekly's report.

San Francisco Gavin Newsom, former L.A. Mayor James Hahn and San Diego city leaders have not taken such a bold move to find a loophole, even after some sought legal and ethics advice.

The city Ethics Commission is looking into the controversy, and the District Attorney's office stated it will review the matter.

LA Weekly