The can-do train that is City Hall can't keep libraries open on Mondays, give cops enough overtime to help solve murders, or get a grip on hundreds of out-of-compliance pot shops.

But if you need to know about the always-limited number of parking spaces in Hollywood without actually driving around to find one, there's a City Hall app for that. Woot-woot.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was set to unveil the city's “Parker” app for the iPhone Wednesday afternoon. We wonder if it will still work for the taxpayer-owned parking garages that City Hall plans to give away to help solve this year's deficit.

In a statement the mayor's office billed it as “the nation's first-ever mobile application to give drivers a faster and more convenient way to find open metered parking spaces and nearby garages … “

Because driving around the block is environmentally unfriendly. (Peering at your iPhone in traffic is more eco-conscious, until you're rear-ended).

“Users can see which blocks have: more than four, more than two or less two open spots; as well as blocks with 'rock star' parking – areas closest with the most open spaces. The app delivers information about parking space time limits, pricing, and whether meters take credit cards or coins. It also will direct drivers to the nearest City parking garages as an alternative to street parking.”

Hipster, please.

What the city really needs is a mobile-phone program that allows you to report the many potholes that line our fine roadways.

Wait, council President Eric Garcetti already has an app for that.

LA Weekly