Did you know that for the past three years we've had a mayor who has been — as our grandmother used to say — “living in sin!” Well no longer: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's divorce from Corina Raigosa was finalized this week.

Actually, grandma would say he's still living in sin because he's been “dating” KTLA News personality Lu Parker without so much as putting a ring on her finger. Officially and legally, Mayor V. is single.

Married for twenty years, Villaraigosa and Raigosa (he combined his last name, Villar, with hers) had two children together.

Is there a monetary settlement involved in the divorce? We don't know.

Before Raigosa initiated divorce proceedings the mayor lost weight, was seen in public without his wedding ring on, and was involved in a scandalous relationship with a Spanish-language newswoman.

TMZ has taken to calling Villaraigosa “Mayor Suave.”

LA Weekly