You put away your vuvuzelas. Your favorite team lost. The late-morning hangovers have worn off. But that soccer high remains. Channel your energy here: It's a long shot, but Los Angeles could be in the running to host the 2018 World Cup.

Last year the City Council voted to submit a bid to host the tournament as part of the United States' own proposal. On Monday Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa seconded that emotion via Twitter:

Let's bring WC 2018 to LA! We've showed we're a great international city that will embrace the games. It's our turn!

It could be an uphill battle, however. The Wall Street Journal reports that Australia, which has never hosted a World Cup, and Europe, which arguably has the sport's largest audience, would be likelier candidates.

And L.A. did help host the 1994 games, with the Rose Bowl serving as the United States' most-used venue that year.

Like Spain's Andres Iniesta found out when he scored the lone, championship goal against the Netherlands Sunday, it's always worth taking a shot.

LA Weekly