Maya Mercer's “Ladykillers” exhibition is her latest collection of images of gender roles that are subverted and rendered in grandiose poses. The goon squad that's coming to town (beep beep) this time is made up of men in what Mercer says are “compromised positions one would normally expect in a glossy fashion shoot.” What makes the collection even more deliciously sassy is the fact that this cadre of himbos are decked out in fashionable frocks and posed in the dramatically lovely hinterlands of France and L.A. Could these be particularly personable maniacs who have in fact killed ladies and assumed their poses? Fiddling equally with gender and perspective, it's the prettiest klatch of incongruity since the factory boss in the film Kinky Boots stumbled onto the Milan runway in nothing but his business suit and blood-red, thigh-high boots.

Thu., Jan. 6, 6 p.m., 2011

LA Weekly