Last year at this time, the force was not with us.  A spore wars battle had just begun, with COVID-19’s rise leading to lockdowns as the coronavirus spread throughout earth and social activities began to fade away like stars burning out in the galaxy. And while we’re not back yet, there are signs of a new hope against this viral phantom menace. Now that vaccines have made most of us part of the Resistance, things are opening up again. In L.A., our nightlife empire is not only returning it seems to be striking back. We can’t wait til clubs, shows and parties return and rise like Skywalker, but it doesn’t have to happen at light speed to feel encouraging and exciting.

On this sacred nerdist holiday known as Star Wars Day, May the 4th, we just want to say: masks save lives (they were good enough for Vader and the Storm Troopers), social distancing is not a Jedi mind trick and vaccines will protect you more than a light saber will. Also, we love you L.A., and we know… you know!

Here are 4 ways to celebrate the 4th:

1.Scum and Villainy Cantina- The Hollywood bar opens its doors (at limited capacity) for its popular trivia night, and will be serving Blue Milk both in-house and to go. Curbside blue milk limit 2 per person. Bar guests must spend $20 per person, per hour to hold a seat. 21+. More info here.

2. Star Girls Burlesque– It almost doesn’t feel like May 4th if Star Girls aren’t doing their galactic grinds. Sadly, as of this writing their COVID-compliant seated show tonight is sold out. But follow their Instagram and Facebook socials so you can at very least get some glimmers of these gorgeous gals’ creative cosplay, dance and more.

3. Disneyland- OK, probably too late for this one, but you can read all about Galaxy’s Edge aka Star Wars Land, via our opening week cover story here. 

4. Disney+- If there was ever a day to subscribe this might be it. Unless you have all the DVDs, there’s no better way to have a marathon featuring all of George Lucus’ classics, plus Star Wars universe content like the premiere of the new show The Bad Batch.


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