Though Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp finished last in the all-star game home run derby yesterday, he can take comfort from the fact that he still looks good when he's not in uniform. Why? Just ask his personal stylist, Desiree Quintal.

“Matt and I had been acquaintances for a couple years,” says Quintal. “I heard that he was moving and needed help organizing his things. I suggested adding a few new looks to his closet. I showed him some ideas that I had, which he loved, and we went from there.”

Credit: Matt Kemp, on the field (no fashion sense needed)

Credit: Matt Kemp, on the field (no fashion sense needed)

Quintal, a sharp twenty-something with superb taste who has worked in some of the top boutiques in Los Angeles, started by spending an entire day editing down Kemp's closet. It was no easy task.

“He has great style and buys in multiples of what he likes,” says Quintal. “That said, he has an enormous shoe collection that ranges from Christian Louboutin sneakers to Nike Air Max. I just tried to make room for more basic pieces that he was missing, like a classic trench coat and a great motorcycle jacket.”

Quintal routinely updates Kemp's closet by shopping for him monthly. They keep an updated personal “look book” that Kemp is able to flip through and put the outfits together on his own — something that saves him a lot of time when he's on the road with the Dodgers.

So what kind of looks does Kemp go for?

“We put a book together of everyday looks that are stylish but still wearable on the plane and to the ball park,” Quintal says. “A great pair of fitted denim RRL jeans is our go to! An amazing pair of sunglasses is a must for Kemp — we go for YSL or Ray Bans. A classic button up and soft jersey t-shirt for layering purposes. Oh, and he's addicted to shoes so we always have fun with that — he's a Lanvin addict!”

Matt Kemp, off the field; Credit: Diamond Bodine-Fischer

Matt Kemp, off the field; Credit: Diamond Bodine-Fischer

As for Quintal's personal style?

“It changes all the time,” she says. “I just wear what I like — as long as it's chic. Since I'm a new mommy function and comfort is key for managing the little one without having to sacrifice my style.”

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