Marzia Dorlando: Dancing through Life with Music as Her Ally

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Marzia Dorlando has spent her entire life dancing to the beat of the music. Music has always been her ally in battle, regardless of the stage of her life. The subtle distinction between her life and music is too small for us to define. Marzia admires great musicians like Lana del Rey, Peggy Gou, Paul Kalkbrenner, and Bob Marley. One day, she hopes to open a Peggy Gou concert.

Can you envision a business that combines music and exercise? Sounds absurd, huh?

Do you want to try her music-based power pack workout model? You must be thinking about her upcoming song track  And can you guess the title of her forthcoming song? Storm.

Storm, a new song by Marzia, released later this month, is the ideal companion for her song regiments. Storm is a rousing song that will inspire its listeners to push their limits and excel.

Consumed it in? Hold on. I have a lot more to say. Marzia was named year’s best playmate in 2021 after graduating from a business school in Ulca. To add to the list of feathers in her hat she has been been on the cover of fhm, glamour l officiel and bazaar Her hard work and perseverance paid off as a testament to her success. The phrase “What people think is none of your business is one piece of advice that has stuck with her for her life. This philosophy is demonstrated by Marzia’s journey, as she never let people’s opinions hinder her life and her passion for music and fitness.

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