Marvin Amparo Santana changes the way bodegas are made in the U.S and it’s about time.

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Marvin Amparo Santana, the founder of The Continent Times and Continent Post changes the way Bodegas are made in the U.S.

Amparo Santana, 30, is a Dominican-American businessman and entrepreneur born in Hato Mayor del Rey, a small town of the Dominican Republic, located about an hour and half away from Punta Cana.

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Postidal is an innovative American tech startup, which focuses on retail shopping and automatic self-out bodegas will operate its bodegas with a user-friendly powerful AI for auto pay. These bodegas are said to be open 24/7 all year.

It’s about time bodegas change their appearance. They have stayed pretty much the same since the early 1900s, whereat cities like New York, people would regularly buy from small stores rather than go daily to a supermarket. Postidal has already launched its online beta marketplace for its bodegas and soon will open its first physical bodegas in the Bronx and in Houston TX, sometime around fall of 2023.

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Unlike the traditional bodegas, postidal bodegas will be membership-based only, meaning people will need a membership to enter the stores. Postidal founder, Amparo Santana, said that the company thinks its membership will at first be free, and then charge a membership fee. These self-checkout bodegas will have AI to recognize customers’ faces and greet them with their memberships’ names. The company IA is set to pivot to allow customers to pay with their face recognition software in the future.

After having earned the award “Esquina Joven,” in 2010, a national award given to the  valedictorian with the highest GPA in the national education system of the Dominican Republic, he attended Farmingdale college in Long Island, NY.  Amparo Santana earned a bachelor’s in business management and a minor in Legal Studies in 2015. He also holds a Master of Business Administration from Rochester Institute of Technology Business School, class of 2017.

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