You don't expect your boyfriend to start sentences with “Well, Martha Stewart says…” but this Valentine's Day, he just might.

On tomorrow's episode of The Martha Stewart Show, which features Seth Meyers, the SNL star learns that women are expected to uphold one major responsibility on the big night, which is to pay for dinner. Really? Really. Here's what Martha told Seth:

Martha's advice on Valentine's Day plans:

Martha: The bill should never go to the guy.

Seth: No? What? Wait?

Martha: No. Not for Valentine's Day.

Seth: Wait, the woman is supposed to pay for Valentine's Day?

Martha: Absolutely!

Seth: I don't know a thing about Valentine's Day. [laughs]

Martha: No, you don't. [laughs]

Seth: This is great…[My girlfriend is] going to be so mad I came here.

Martha: No she's not!

Seth: Well, I'm going to say here here's what I found out from Martha. … You make the plans, but wait, there's more … you pay for it! [laughs]

But that doesn't mean guys get off scot-free. It's their job to buy a present, and according to Martha, it had better not be chintzy.

Martha's idea of the perfect Valentine's Day present:

Martha: Are you a cheap date?

Seth: No. I'm not a cheap date at all.

Martha: Good. Good. Don't be … and buy her a really great present.

Seth: I've never been a cheap date.

Martha: You spend the money on the present … she'll spend the money on the night.

Seth: OK, gotcha. Do you have any great ideas for a present?

Martha: Yellow diamonds are really nice.

Seth: Yellow diamonds?

Martha: Yes.

Seth: Now I'm regretting this. … She gets off easy having to pay for dinner! [laughs]

Seth: There's a diamond I've never heard about…[laughs]

We're pretty sure any woman would be happy to pay for dinner if there's a canary sparkler at the end of that tunnel.

What do you think? Is this proper Valentine's Day etiquette?

The Martha Stewart Show airs at 10 a.m. on the Hallmark Channel.

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