A Long Beach pimp promised girls the world, including $500 a day, green cards and help for their families. But what some got was a career in prostitution.

He recruited them from the web, including the site Model Mayhem.

That, at least, is what federal authorities are saying about Marquis Monte Horn, a.k.a. Taylor, who was arrested this week and headed to court today:

Also charged as part of the same alleged pimping operation was Long Beach's Roshaun Nakia Porter, 37, who has pleaded not guilty and has been behind bars

Horn, 34, was arrested yesterday, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in L.A. Here's what prosecutors say he and Porter did:

… Horn used websites such as www.modelmayhem.com to recruit victims to work in a prostitution organization by claiming he and Porter were running an upscale escort service in which women could make $500 per day. Horn, Porter and others used various coercive tactics to induce the victims into engaging in prostitution. For example, they allegedly developed a romantic relationship with some victims, falsely promised victims they would only be working as an escort, falsely promised financial assistance for the victims and their families, falsely promised help to obtain lawful immigration status in the United States, and isolated some victims from their friends and family.

One victim even got a beating, according to a U.S. Attorney's statement:

… Horn recruited one victim into the prostitution organization who was subsequently beaten, whipped, and forced to engage in prostitution by Porter.

Horn could face life behind bars if prosecuted.

In the meantime prosecutors think there might be other, yet-to-be found victims of the alleged prostitution ring out there.

If you have info on these guys the FBI would love to hear from you: 310-477-6565.

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