Apple has been known to have thin skin when it comes to journalists who expose its secrets. Remember when an iPhone prototype ended up in the hands of a Gizmodo journalist and his home was searched by cops? Yeah.

But maybe the behemoth from Cupertino has met its match in the form of a high schooler from West Los Angeles.

It's true: Apple now has to contend with Mark Gurman:

The 18-year-old who just graduated from Milken Community High School in the Sepulveda Pass has been getting buzz for multiple scoops about Apple's upcoming products and developments.

Fortune Tech notes that he's been right on seven out of eight predictions regarding the company, and the eighth is yet-to-be-determined.

“I've always been an Apple fan,” Gurman told the Weekly.

His pre-World Wide Developers Conference scoops include reporting that iOS 6 beta is coming soon, that Apple was going to drop Google Maps in favor of an in-house app for iPhones, and that a super-thin MacBook Pro with Retina Display was on the way.

Gurman does his reporting for the site 9to5Mac. He says that site owner Seth Weintraub …

… graciously brought me in and I very quickly grew up the food chain to senior editor at the site.

Gurman told us he's off to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in fall. He says:

My parents are very proud. They always tell me that I have so many more opportunities than they had, and they are proudest seeing that I am taking advantage of my opportunities and making a positive name for myself at a young age.

So, is he ready for a long life of journalism? Noooo! He's a smart kid, remember?

I want to pursue journalism as a passion in the future, but I plan on steering into business and computer science.

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