The horrific tale of Mark Berndt, the South L.A. third-grade teacher accused of binding and gagging at least 23 of his students, keeps getting worse.

He was accused of fondling a girl in 1994 and, even though charges were never brought, it didn't appear that the L.A. Unified School District paid any special attention to his activities.

Now CBS Los Angeles is reporting another possible sex crime involving Berndt:

Obdulia Bueno, the parent of a third-grader who was taught by Berndt, says she thinks the teacher sent home a photo of her son eating a cookie … with sperm on it.


If you'll recall, the allegations against Berndt that set off this firestorm involve letting cockroaches crawl on kids' faces, spoon-feeding them his semen, and taking photos.

A photo lab worker turned him in.

Bueno came forward after that story broke. She told CBS2 that one day she wanted to see what kinds of cookies her son's teacher was giving students, so she came home with a photo that Berndt allegedly took.

The photo, she says, depicts white liquid on the cookie.

Berndt is facing 23 counts of lewd acts on a child and could see life behind bars if he's convicted.

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