Marina Worre: Female Entrepreneur Powerhouse

Marina Worre LA Weekly

From an early age, Marina Worre had to learn how to be creative and resourceful. Born and raised in a third-world country, Odesa, Ukraine, women were devalued, and the opportunity to accumulate wealth was nearly nonexistent. Today, Worre has a long track record of empowering women to find their voice, shoot for the stars and achieve financial prosperity. She is the founder and CEO of Worre Studios as well as the creator of “The Most Powerful Women” event, coming up on May 5th.

Worre Studios was launched as a direct response to the problems caused by the pandemic. Worre says, “Leveraging my resources, I assembled a team of the best audio and video production professionals to construct a 25,000-square-foot state-of-the-art production studio in Las Vegas, designed to produce the ultimate interactive virtual experiences in the world, with a timeline that most would call insane.”

Worre Studios has a 360-degree 1.9mm LED screen that allows hosts to interact with up to 500,000 participants on live video, not to mention the hundreds of millions that it can be streamed to. Events are able to be translated into as many different languages as necessary simultaneously. With a 65-foot circular stage, 14-foot ultra-high-resolution screens, and a twin 5G network connection, events are broadcasted in 8K resolution. Worre Studios offers the utmost, high-quality experience. Today, Worre Studios is a multimillion-dollar company that hosts audiences from all around the world.

For the past nine years, Worre has been hosting the “The Most Powerful Women” event. Here, during a 3-day life-changing event she motivates and trains aspiring and seasoned ‘Female-Preneures’. By helping women step into their true power, Worre has created a space to help women believe in themselves. With the help of Worre Studios, this event has been able to reach an audience in 140 different countries. You can sign up for it at

Obsessed with learning and growing, Worre is her own competition. “My goal is to be better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I was today,” she says. Worre is devoted to helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams through world-class training and the resources needed to be successful. Worre plans to keep building Worre Studios with the most advanced technology in order to stay up to date and adapt as tech does. Worre says, “I will continue to envision, believe in, and strive for world-class results in everything I do. I’ve only just begun.” Keep up with Marina Worre by following her Instagram, @marinaworre or visiting her website

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