We never would have guessed this, what with all the self-medicating going in the world, but two powerful, often illicit drugs, when taken together, really work on that pain, a study claims.

Seems that Amy Winehouse, Richard Pryor and Kurt Cobain did similar research.

Anyway, the idea here is that marijuana, taken in combination with “opiates” (heroin, morphine, oxycodone), can really be your hero baby and take away the pain:

The combination of marijuana and long-acting morphine or long-acting oxycodone for 21 chronic pain patients resulted in less pain and less use of the opiates, according to the UC San Francisco study set to be published this month in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics.

Prof. Donald Abrams said:

Instead of having less pain relief, patients had more pain relief.

Mmm. Yes. Genius (Writes this down: More drugs = more relief. Must tell stoner friends).

Another additional possible conclusion: Using weed in conjunction with opiates to treat pain could save you cash. Abrams:

This preliminary study seems to imply that people may be able to get away perhaps taking lower doses of the opiates for longer periods of time if taken in conjunction with cannabis.

Abrams, of course, wants to do a larger study and test out different types and strains of THC and marijuana to see what works best. We hear there are plenty of volunteers.

Cannabis really is a wonder drug. Just don't tell the DEA.

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