The Democrats have enlisted Kal Penn of Harold & Kumar fame to help get out the youth vote.

In an ad by the campaign both Penn and John Cho reprise their roles as the clearly stoned duo. Kumar nonchalantly takes a call from the prez who says, “I need to know if you're on-board.”

The duo is munching on cheese puffs and laughing at a cartoon. Pro-medical marijuana activists didn't find it amusing in light of Obama's war on weed:

Pro-pot forces this week posted a response titled “What if President Obama had called a real marijuana user?”

In it the Obama campaign is lambasted for using stoner humor to get votes a time when his administration has been busting down the doors of dispensaries, including many here in California.

The actor playing Harold says:

Wow, hi, Mr. President. I didn't think you'd call after you dismissed or mocked all of the questions about marijuana that I submitted on

… You're counting on marijuana users to fall for a lame political video designed to exploit us while your administration simultaneously supports arresting us and raiding our homes?

Ouch. We doubt that Obama's stance on medical pot is going to hurt his chances. After all, is the pro-medical contingent going to vote for Mitt Romney?

Still, we feel their burn.

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