The real sizzurp doesn't make you stupid enough, right? So what you really need is a marijuana-infused sizzurp, yeah?

Your prayers have been answered, Justin Bieber, because a Southern California company has combined your (alleged) two favorite things, THC and lean, into one, groundbreaking product. Well, sort of.

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“Grape Syzurp with Cannabidnoids” by Actabliss has just hit the L.A. market:
But it doesn't actually contain the codeine that's one of the main ingredients in the real sizzurp. This Syzurp is all about the THC and cannabinoids.

This week the product was delivered to Los Angeles for its first medical marijuana retail sales here, says Actabliss' founder, who wants to be known only by the nickname Actaboss. 

The product was formulated early this year, unveiled to the public one month ago on April 20 (a.k.a. 420) via free samples, and finally sold to the public about a week after that at GreenWorks in Actabliss' hometown of San Diego, he said.

The idea is not to recreate the buzz of sizzurp and lean but to create an alternative. Actaboss:

After Actavis [the maker of the prescription promethazine codeine syrup popular with rappers] said they were pulling their stuff from the market, I came up with the concept of taking their label and using it.

I touted it as a healthy alternative to lean. A lot of people who say they want to stop drinking lean are purchasing it. A whole group of people realize it's good medicine and it works for them.

The product has created some controversy. Some critics don't like using sizzurp imagery for a product that doesn't contain codeine or other lean-like drugs. Others think it glorifies a drug that has become problematic for some in the rap world.

While Actabliss doesn't do what sizzurp does, Actaboss says that lean users are liking its high, purple color and gooey consistency. He said that while a $45, 2-oz. bottle can be split into two doses and mixed with soda, some customers have tried the whole two ounces:

Credit: Actabliss/Instagram (with permission)

Credit: Actabliss/Instagram (with permission)

They said it lasts 10 hours and gets them heavily medicated with that syrup feeling. It's sedated and relaxing. It's not just some lean knock off. The medicinal side outweighs how close can we get this to real lean side. When I formulated it I did try to make it thick and muddy. We're using big pharma to promote a healthy alternative to big pharma.

On that last note, given that Actabliss has taken a graphical page from Actavis, we asked if any of the pharmaceutical company's lawyers have come calling.

Actaboss said not yet:

I'm working with our legal them making sure we have our ducks in a row if it does happen. There's some of us who think they might be okay with it because they had so much bad publicity. We're trying to use this as a positive thing to steer them away from that.

And now, Actabliss is working on new flavors and even a cannabinoid- cannabidiol-only (THC-free) version that Actaboss says would be okay to ship across state lines.

“It just exploded,” he says. “We're trying to keep up with demand.”

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