A little off the top. Number one down low. Clean it up. And, oh yeah, let's get an eighth of weed while we're here.

That, cops say, was the scenario at a Lancaster Barber Shop this week.

And that shop was busted. Undercover sheriff's investigators sneaked up and apparently videotaped drug dealing happening at the business in the 44600 block of Sierra Highway. A search warrant was served and …

… a loaded gun was found in the possession of a barber who is a convicted felon (a no-no), authorities say.

Five suspects were arrested, including the self-proclaimed owner, a man who was booked on suspicion of providing a location for drug sales, according to a sheriff's statement.

The IDs: Anthony Bursey, 31, Anthony Hunt, 34, Phillip Lowe, 31, Jamel Ginn, 25, and Manix Kroma, 26.

A patron — we're not sure if he was getting a cut or possibly cannabis — was arrested for being a parole violator; another had warrants, sheriff's officials said.

Deputies went to the spot after receiving complaints of possible drug activity. (Because, we assume, hair cuts don't smell so kind).

Too bad. This was a good idea. We think one of the legit dispensaries in L.A. should take a hint and start offering hair cuts on the side. (Though, maybe sharp implements and drug sales don't exactly mix).

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