Marijuana might still be a federal outlaw. But it's so mainstream that one of the country's biggest gardening concerns, Scotts Miracle-Gro, wants in on the action.

Scotts CEO Jim Hagedorn told the Wall Street Journal that he wants a piece of the medical marijuana cultivation scene.

We can't blame him. It's legal in 16 states and worth a reported $1.7 billion. Hagedorn said:

I want to target the pot market. There's no good reason we haven't.

Miracle-Gro specializes in fertilizers and pesticides.

Back in the days having cultivation equipment could get you in trouble. Now, not so much. And since Miracle-Gro can be used for all kinds of green — not just weed — the company probably won't have to worry about the feds gong after it, Tommy Chong-style.

This is bigger than an endorsement by George Soros.

(This is a company with nearly $3 billion in annual sales).

Hagedorn says he takes it as a good sign that some busted grow operations have been found to have Miracle-Gro products on-site.

We like the way this guy thinks.


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