Weed can be smoked, vaporized and eaten.

But a practice advocated by Dr. William Courtney, an M.D. from Willits, California seems to be gaining traction in 2012:

He wants you to juice your marijuana. That's right, put that valuable green stuff in a blender and drink it up like a banana milkshake. Mmm.

And the best benefit (allegedly)?


No high to speak of.

It's true. You don't get stoned. Only broke.

But before you tell us that you might as well put your paycheck in the blender along with that Mary Jane, hear out the good doctor:

He believes that Cannabidiol (CBD), a key cannabinoid in pot, has illness-killing healing power that can be destroyed by smoking marijuana.

But drinking weed brings out the good stuff while destroying the plant's “psychoactive” buzz.

In a video the doc says:

It's a vegitable. It's not psychoactive until humans heat it.

He has presented anecdotal evidence of the miracle of raw cannabis, claiming that at least one patient is all the better for it. We say go for it: Stop getting high and your life will magically get better:

You'll start showing up to things on-time, you'll stop eating Cheetos, and a new job will magically come into view.

It better pay well, though: Doing shots of certain strains of “Kush” (at nearly $300 an ounce) won't be cheap.

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