In California, as you know, medical marijuana is big business — $14 billion a year worth, and the Golden State's top cash crop, according to some.

But big business in California? It's not so high on pot. In fact, the California Chamber of Commerce today took a big stand against pot smokers, stating that a proposal to prohibit employers from firing workers simply for being cannabis patients is a buzz kill for the titans of industry.

The Chamber on Wednesday said

… state Sen. Mark Leno's proposal to protect pot patients is a “job killer.”

They say the bill “… undermines employers' ability to provide a safe and drug-free workplace by establishing a protected classification for employees who utilize medical marijuana.”

Well, you could be drug free if workers don't show up stoned. The point is that pot users shouldn't be fired for having their “medicine” on their own free time.

Leno tried this bill before — and it was rejected by onetime pot smoker Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Maybe he has a shot this time with Gov. Moonbeam. We'll see.


LA Weekly