If you've got a $1 million marijuana farm and hash-making operation back at the old casa, you might want to take to the streets with the lowest of profiles.

But sheriff's officials allege that Harry Kaladjian's suspended driver's license unraveled a serious pot operation at his residence when they pulled him over during a simple traffic stop in unincorporated Lancaster.

Not only did Kaladjian have a suspended driver's license, sheriff's officials say, but …

… he was on “active” probation. Not good.

The traffic stop happened Thursday at 2 a.m. at the 40th Street West and Avenue D, according to a sheriff's statement issued over the weekend.

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With the knowledge that Kaldjian is on probation, deputies were able to head on over to his house in the 7200 block of West Avenue A in unincorporated Lancaster for a “compliance check.” You see, if you're on active probation, cops can come sniff around without a warrant, apparently.

Here's what deputies say happened next, according to the sheriff's statement:

Once inside the home, they found a sophisticated marijuana growing operation.

Several rooms inside the home had been converted into growing areas, complete with planting beds and artificial lighting. The deputies recovered approximately 800 plants in various stages of growth. They also recovered several large plastic bags full of processed marijuana.

In addition to the marijuana growing operation, the deputies also found a “hash oil” processing area.

Oops. Authorities say the weed alone was worth $1 million.

But, wait, there's more:

Several of Kaladjian's homies, who happened to be at the house, were arrested as part of what is now an “ongoing” narcotics investigation:

Teresa Ornelas, 25; Daniel Ornelas, 26; Ayman Khalil, 33; Jack Terastbadsadrian, 28; Harry Kaladjian, 29; Aaron Sagnanert, 22; Derek Howard,19; Christopher Bailey, 22; and George Yakoub, 24.

Suffice it to say, Kaldjian was also put back behind bars.

Just another reason to keep your driving privileges current.

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