You have to love the folks at the L.A. County Sheriff's Department for being sincere in their concern for your safety.

But really now, holding a press conference to tell people to beware of marijuana-laced candy?

In L.A. that's only going to make people want to trick-or-treat more.

As in (Adam Sandler voice): I'm Stoner Man. Give me some candy! Still, we must think of the children:

Alarmed by the packaging they've seen on marijuana treats seized during dispensary busts in the last year, sheriff's officials want parents to be extra cautious when sorting through this year's trick-or-treat loot.

A sheriff's statement says the packaging doesn't indicate dosage and that it “attracts

children and teens” to these particular edibles. Deputies held a news conference today to tell the world about this calamity.

Nicole Nishida of the sheriff's department told the Weekly:

A lot of the candy and the products — they look real. They look like DOTS, hard candies, Rice Krispies treats, ordinary See's boxes, even Cheez-Its.

Score. (You — in the back of the class — stop laughing).

Nishida says even adult party people should be on the lookout (and trust us, we will be):

If people go to parties make sure you know what you're eating and who is serving it to you.

Words to live by.

To summarize: People are giving away free marijuana treats this weekend. Bring a bag.


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