Grow houses. Lot of them lately. Authorities want to connect them to a burgeoning pot-shop business in L.A. and beyond. But is there a link?

We reported Tuesday that a San Gabriel Valley grow house, believed to be connected to Asian organized crime, was discovered there after a fire broke out. Sheriff's officials said they believe the weed was destined for pot shops.

So, what's wrong with that?

Well, as we pointed out, technically speaking, California's medical marijuana law only allows the nonprofit “collective cultivation” of weed that would then be shared with the “seriously ill.”

We know, “Kumbaya” to you too.

Except that, with many of L.A.'s pot shops, you'd think you were at a wine tasting. So many strains. So much terroir. The earthy, fruity goodness. Pounds of it. Nonprofit? Yeah, right.

Tons of it comes across the border or is produced at these suburban hydroponic factories.

Our commenter of the day, CN, says so what?

Closing the dispensaries will not stop the grow houses and magically “make your neighborhood safe” as you claim. Stop stamping your feet and thinking with your emotions. Supply will always be driven by demand, and that goes for ANY product, including cannabis. Demand for this particular product has outstripped any legal supply outlets since the early 60's. Therefore illegal supply outlets are able to thrive. If regulation were in place and dispensaries were required to obtain their product from legitimate tax-paying sources, the illegal supply houses would be out of customers.

So, in order to have legal dispensaries, we have to have illegal grow houses in our neighborhoods? Tell us this, would you mind one of these places in your community?

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